Dad Skin

I need to confess, my skin has never been the best. I mean, far from the best but also far from the worst. Its no new thing, All my life my skin has been abit…. rough, at the first thought of secondary school spots started breakdancing all across my face like one big Diversity routine and continued spreading at a rapid rate until my early 20s and I’ve never really managed to shake it. I used watch these adverts trying to sell some kind of face wash concoction to a bunch of spotty teens and believe they worked miracles, the kid always had some huge red sports and with one wipe of the face their skin was clear. WOW, what could be better, it solves all my acne problems…..yea right. That being said, I was never really down about it or ultra sensitive to it, I just got on with it.

Although my skin doesn’t quite look like bubble wrap any more its still an uncontrolled problem and I suppose as you get older you start to become more aware of it.

I have what they call ‘sensitive skin’ whatever that means, all i know is it reacts badly to everything and anything and its unpredictable. Its like they sit there and plan when to strike. Got a big meeting? lets have a huge red spot in the middle of your nose. Going to a wedding? lets spread aload of blackheads across your face. Going for a romantic meal? Lets suck all the moisture away and make your skin flake.

Im not alone in this and millions of people have the same issue but men (Grrr give me a beer) are still not that great at talking about it and dealing with it. ┬áSkincare is no longer a ‘metrosexual’ ‘modern man’ thing to think about, its important and its big business. As a Dad our skin gets the same kind of bashing about and contamination as a mums skin does – Crayon across your cheek, tuna pasta rubbed into your chin, mud on your forehead and toddler weewee hands smeared everywhere – so we need to be just as mindful.

Now I’m not one for manicures, guyliner and eyebrow shaping and this is an extremely first world problem but I’m on a journey to healthier Dad skin.

Im going to start simple. My first stage is a focussed period of using my LAB series multi action facewash twice daily and LAB series all-in-one face treatment. This, coupled with drinking lots of water will be my strategy.

Dads, Mums and countrymen – Join me and let me hear your recommendations, hints and tips and I’ll give it a go…. or just let me know you don’t care ­čÖé


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