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Warwick Castle – Perfect for kids

During the Easter Holidays we wanted to get away and do something special with the kids, as well as wear them out, but we didn’t really want to leave the country as we have lots of things we need to be home for. So we decided to stick to day trips and stretch to 1 […]

The FM Club

This week I have been mocked and ruthlessly roasted by a bunch of cool, finger on the pulse of pop culture, all about the bants, Generation Z’ers. Just by the very fact that I am describing them as Generation Z’ers deserves a roasting I guess but I don’t understand why the unnecessary mockery, I’m a […]

Inspired by Oprah

A few weeks have passed now since Oprah delivered her powerful speech at the Golden Globes. A night that everyone thought was going to be dominated by the black dresscode but then our Oprah decided it was time for her to speak. Her impeccable tone, her unwavering passion and her on point turn of phrase […]

Tale of an Overconfident Dad

When I first thought about having kids I was really over confident about it. I thought about lazy Saturdays, sleeping baby in my arms on the sofa and watching movies for hours. I thought about leisurely walks with the stroller and feeding the ducks before returning home for dinner while the baby played on the […]

Instadad With a Black Filter

Ok, this is a serious post. It’s not that deep, but I have been moved to write and post it. I’ll resume jokes and banter very shortly. A few people have asked me why I am a so called ‘InstaDad’. There’s some that of course who love it and some have their criticisms; ‘Why do you post […]

Dad Skin I need to confess, my skin has never been the best. I mean, far from the best but also far from the worst. Its no new thing, All my life my skin has been abit…. rough, at the first thought of secondary school spots started breakdancing all across my face like one big […]

Supermarket moments

Taking a 3 year old to a supermarket is like running a gauntlet of tantrums for toys, embarrassing moments, bowel movements and destruction of shelves. At least one of these things ALWAYS happens when I take Jovan out. As soon as we enter a supermarket he scopes out the toy aisle and his grip gets […]

This Father Life – The Sequel

Its happening eeeek. This Father Life will soon feature double trouble, the Avengers will soon be  assembled and the Paw Patrol will be reporting for duty Ryder sir! Thats right, Jovan is excited to announce……… MUMMYS GOT A BABY IN HER TUMMY!!! Its all starting again, my annoying ‘husband of a pregnant woman’ routine but […]

How to tie a tie?

I don’t know where this kid gets it from. He looks forward to Sunday school every single week and this week he decided to hold his own solo Sunday School at the back of the Church, Very studious and should be commended…apparently this is the way you wear a tie. Excelling in some areas but […]

On the trail

  This weather is absolutely perfect for….going to the woods. hmmmm. I promised Jovan that we would go out and do something exciting and made the error of telling him we can go to the woods, and kids don’t forget. Even though it decided to rain all day it was too late to back out […]