On the trail


This weather is absolutely perfect for….going to the woods. hmmmm. I promised Jovan that we would go out and do something exciting and made the error of telling him we can go to the woods, and kids don’t forget. Even though it decided to rain all day it was too late to back out so we wrapped up warm, put our wellies/walking boots on (I had to go and buy some because I’m not prepared for this kind of outing) and headed out to the woods. All Jovan wanted to do was reenact a Peppa Pig episode and jump in muddy puddles. Any parent of pre-school age kids will have probably watched or heard that episode over and over again.

Daddy wanted to be ‘cultural’ and structured by going on the Gruffalo trail but little man wasn’t having any of it. He was scared the Gruffalos were going to eat him, I thought I was on to a good thing when I explained that its ‘just a giant toy’ but still no engagement. So more jumping in muddle puddles and playing in leaves. Lovely.


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