This Father Life – The Sequel

Its happening eeeek. This Father Life will soon feature double trouble, the Avengers will soon be  assembled and the Paw Patrol will be reporting for duty Ryder sir!

Thats right, Jovan is excited to announce………


Its all starting again, my annoying ‘husband of a pregnant woman’ routine but this time I have a sidekick.  From this point onwards Sherrianne will not be allowed to do anything that I consider ‘risky’ like walking up the stairs or driving a car, stepping in and out of the bath, making sudden movements, laughing too vigorously, lifting a bag or just generally moving around. I’ll be there to wake her up in the middle of the night when she is in a deep sleep to ask her if she is ok and to remember not to roll over on her tummy. I have to be on hand to remind her she is pregnant every time she even thinks of acting even remotely normally. Every time the phone rings over the next 6 months I’ll answer with ‘Whats wrong babe?’  and sigh heavily because she should know not to call me at work without calling me first to tell me she is going to call at an odd time! Theres no more ‘calling to say hi’, its very inconsiderate. I need to start reminding her of how to put one foot in front of the other because she is bound to forget how to do that.

I will also be a living Siri, every stage of the way I will quote statistics, common symptoms, recommendations from internet healthcare professionals or spout relatable stories from netmums just to give her reassurance. Im doing all of this to help, because she needs me.

With my sidekick recruited, we have every base covered.

Now I need to take my embarrassing dad skills to the next level. Let the planning commence.

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