Warwick Castle – Perfect for kids

During the Easter Holidays we wanted to get away and do something special with the kids, as well as wear them out, but we didn’t really want to leave the country as we have lots of things we need to be home for. So we decided to stick to day trips and stretch to 1 night away.

The issue I have with that is the fact I am terrible at deciding where to go. I always think I’ll choose a rubbish place or that somewhere else would have been better value for money. So in the end we chose to do Chessington World of Adventures at the start of the week for 1 day and then we chose Warwick as our night away at the end of the week as we were lucky enough to be invited along to Warwick Castle to see their brand new show, A Falconers Quest.  More on that shortly.

I’ve always heard people mention Warwick Castle as a place to visit but I’ve never really been convinced enough to go. I assumed it was a nice piece of history and educational for the kids but lets be honest, a lot of those places are pretty boring for younger, bouncy children. So when we were told about the Falconers Quest we thought we’d give it a go.

As we drove through Warwick we had the wonder of the kids seeing the castle in the distance and the ‘WOWs’ started. We parked in main car park (Stratford Road) but whichever car park you park in its a little bit of a walk so travel light – We stuffed everything in the bottom of the buggy. After the walk its definitely got the wow factor, one of those postcard type of places.  We were met by a Knight and a few other castle residents at the gates for a photo op and our castle experience begun.

I have to say there is SO much for the kids to do. In my opinion this is a family tourist attraction done right. The right balance between fun, learning and historical facts. We were fortunate with decent weather but be warner, the majority is outside so if the weather is bad then eek.

We gave the maze a go, pretty good but you have to be willing to join in the chaos (don’t take your buggy in!). It takes you through various historical events and the kids have to stamp their passport as they find each one until they reach the end. We then made our way to the shop to buy a sword  – encouraged by the salesman aka Knight we met at the gates earlier, thanks mate!. We got it just in time for Knight ‘training’ which took place on one of the lawns. It was basically a group of kids waving swords around trying to follow a sequence that the Knight demonstrated, not that inventive but its great fun thanks to the Knights fun interaction with the children and parents waiting around the outside.

After Knight training it was time for the main event, The Falconers Quest. What a show! The show follows the story of a Falconer trying to return a number of the worlds most incredible birds to Warwick. Surprises come thick and fast from the opening scene from beautiful white owls flying overhead to the GIANT eagles and other species that literally skim your head as they fly low! and these birds were bigger than some of the kids in the audience. I spent the whole show willing one of the birds to brush past Sherriannes head just to see her squirm but it didn’t quite happen. I won’t spoil the rest but i’ll just say its well worth the trip just for that.

As I am always honest with you I have to say if you are going to go, bring a picnic. The food is certainly not up to scratch and way over priced as per most attractions. We opted for one of the street food stalls that specialised in Chicken. The service was ok but bit amateur and the food was no better than cheap oven chips and frozen breaded chicken….but you pay almost £7 for one meal. So make the most of the grounds and bring your own.

Lunch did have one unexpected highlight though. As I rattled off the menu to Sherrianne, who could see and read perfectly well by the way, I was speaking so quickly I muddled my letters and asked if I should order J ‘Chicken Dickers’, Sherrianne was in hysterics but when she went to order she said the same to a red faced cashier. We thought that was the end until J started walking around the area shouting ‘Chicken d@*K, chicken d@*k please, I’m having chicken d@*kers’. Sorry innocent peeps of Warwick Castle.

Anyway, prices start from £19 online so for a family of 4 is pretty expensive but if you have the money and a free day then go to Warwick Castle, even if its just to see the Falconers Quest.

Great day out and would 100% recommend.



ps. Our Warwick Castle tickets were gifted but all other expenses including lunch was paid for and organised by us.

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